Guiding Principles

Every action and project undertaken by the Stewardship Foundation is governed by a set of principles that ensures we are following our high-level overarching goal. 

The following are our guiding principles:

  1. No personal opinions or judgements shall direct our actions
  2. All management directions constructed in the Evergreen Stewardship Plans are made based on government data from one or more of the following sources:
    1. Published policies from government
    2. Government sponsored or supported scientific research
    3. Traditional knowledge from wildlife practitioners
    4. Direction from past Land and Resource Management Plans
  3. We hold groups accountable to their own published policies that have been incorporated into the Evergreen Stewardship Plans
  4. All decisions promote a balance between social, economic and environmental values
  5. All on-the-ground, implementation work is directed and reinforced by the Evergreen Stewardship Plans